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Email from Dave McElhaney, Chief - Geotechnical Services Branch, Colorado Division of Water Resources, to property owner regarding drilling activities by Davis Drilling from Gillette, Wyoming - July 18, 2007



From: McElhaney, Dave [mailto:Dave.McElhaney@state.co.us]
Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2007 8:27 AM
Subject: RE: Drilling unknown


Mr. ______:


Several entities have submitted notice of drilling activities in the general vicinity that you reference.  To my knowledge, the ongoing uranium evaluation project involves at least three companies (R-Squared, Inc., Spectrum Exploration and Powertech Corp.) that may also employ subcontract drilling companies.  Powertech, Inc. has submitted Notice of Intent to Construct Monitoring Holes in several sections in Townships 8, 9, and 10 North, Range 67 West.  Such notice is in compliance with the requirements of the Division of Water Resources.  In addition, I believe that Powertech Corp. has also submitted a Notice of Intent to Conduct Prospecting Operations for Hard Rock/Metal Mines to the Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety (CDRMS); the primary authority in this uranium evaluation venture.  You may want to contact CDRMS for further information regarding the project and authorized drilling operations.


I also noted on the topographic map that a pipeline is indicated to exist near the intersection or CR15 and CR106.  I could be that the owner of the pipeline is having cathodic protection installed to prevent corrosion of the pipe.  Such construction is accomplished by drilling a hole (or several holes) adjacent to the pipeline for installation sacrificial anodes.  There are no notice or permit requirements for the construction of cathodic protection structures.


I hope you find this information helpful.


Dave McElhaney, P.G.

Chief, Geotechnical Services Branch

Colorado Division of Water Resources




Sent: Monday, July 16, 2007 2:52 PM
To: askdwr
Subject: Drilling unknown


Gentlemen, There is a company drilling multiple holes in weld county from Wyoming.
Location is @ County Rd 19 & 106 NW corner. The company is Davis Drilling from Gillette, WY, 307-229-4099, US DOT 1663055 This might be a part of PowerTech Uranium Corp.

I would like proof that this is legal and permitted in accordance with Colorado Law and public record.
Please Respond ASAP