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Email from Jim Woodward to Ronald Cattany, DRMS Director requesting inspection of public records pursuant to the Colorado Open Records Act - June 5, 2007


From: Jim Woodward [mailto:jbw@frii.com]
Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2007 9:40 PM
To: 'Cattany, Ron'
Cc: 'cheryl.linden@state.co.us'; 'tanya.light@state.co.us'; 'Berry, David'; 'Mount, Carl'; 'King, Mike'; 'Stanton, Irene'
Subject: RE: CORA request 5/25/07 DRMS/Powertech


June 5, 2007


Mr. Ronald W. Cattany


Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety

Colorado Department of Natural Resources

1313 Sherman Street, Room 215

Denver, Colorado 80203


Subject: Colorado Open Records Act Request


Dear Mr. Cattany:


Thank you for your response to my CORA request of May 25, 2007.  You confirmed that Powertech made a telephonic request for a meeting with DRMS staff and that the meeting occurred on April 5, 2007.  The meeting agenda prepared by your staff listed the following three proposed mine plan submittals:


Sand and Gravel (No later than October, 2007)

Centennial Open Pit (No Later than December 2008)

Indian Springs Insitu Recovery (No later than December 2008)


Given the detailed information above, I assume notes were taken of the telephone conversation with Powertech.  May I please inspect these notes?


With respect to the notes from your meeting with the CDPHE and your claim of a deliberative process exemption from disclosure per C.R.S. 24-72-204(3)(a)(XIII), the statute requires you to provide me with "a sworn statement specifically describing each document withheld, explaining why each such document is privileged, and why disclosure would cause substantial injury to the public interest."


Would you please provide me with the statutorily-required statement explaining why disclosure of the notes would cause substantial injury to the public interest?




James B. Woodward

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