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From: Pete Webb [mailto:pwebb@pwpr.com]
Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2007 2:15 PM
To: jbw@frii.com
Subject: Powertech Exposed Web Site


Mr. Woodward – My name is Peter Webb, and my Denver-based public relations firm represents Powertech Uranium.  I recently came upon the PowertechExposed.com Web site, and saw that you accept suggestions.  My first suggestion would be to present factual information: The principles of truth and fairness clearly are lost on the site.  I understand that you’re opposed to the project, but there is simply no excuse for the level of deception and mistruth expressed on your website. 


We are absolutely astonished that the image of a Nevada open-pit gold mine has been used to depict the proposed in-situ uranium recovery operation in Weld County.  To convey the impression that this scale and style of operation would be used in Weld County is totally untrue and is obviously intended to unnecessarily alarm those few individuals who might access this website.  Rather than foster an atmosphere of panic, we urge you to impart accurate and factual information regarding this proposed recovery operation.


Powertech has said very definitively that it intends to recover uranium through the in-situ process, using water and bicarbonate of soda to free the uranium from its sandstone substructure.  If Powertech were, at some point, to employ conventional mining techniques to recover uranium, the operation would be closely similar to state-permitted gravel quarry operations, with gravel removed to expose the ore to a depth of about 60 feet, and the site reclaimed to state standards once the uranium has been retrieved.


Powertech is in the very initial stages of gathering data and background research for its permit filings.  At this point, the company plans to file the required federal, state and local permits in the latter part of 2008.  As part of those processes, the public will have ample opportunity to review and comment on the permit applications.  This is the exact same procedure used for the dozens of mining and minerals recovery permits issued in Colorado every year, for everything from sand and gravel to coal and gold.  Powertech will meet (or surpass) and observe the tate and federal requirements for uranium recovery.


The image and innuendo placed on the "Exposed" website damage the good name and reputation of Powertech and its employees who together have several decades of uranium recovery experience.  We cannot see any purpose in creating resentment against Powertech. 


Your inclusion of factual public documents in your “DOCUMENTS” section is both appreciated and encouraged.  We would appreciate if the documents marked “confidential” would be treated with confidentiality; however, we also understand that those documents were accessible from a public-information site.  If you have questions regarding any of these documents or facts about Powertech, please contact me or anyone on my team and we’re happy to help elaborate. 


Your site is correct in that the company has not yet held any public meetings to date, and that will be changing in the very near future.  Because Powertech plans to file permit applications more than a year from now, the company is still gathering the details and information about its proposed operation, and is firming up proposal plans.  We look forward to sharing this information with you and the community at large.


In the meantime, we will take every ethical, effective course of action to assure that our client is fairly and accurately portrayed and described.


Peter Webb


Webb PR-Denver

Agency of Record for Powertech Uranium