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South Dakota DENR Class III Underground Injection Control Permit


South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources - DRAFT Comments on the Powertech (USA) Inc. Revised Dewey-Burdock Project - Underground Injection Control Permit Application - Dated February 2010 (PDF 1,584 KB, 22 pages)





Powertech permit chief Blubaugh fails on second attempt to submit complete application

Posted May 23, 2010



April 19, 2010

Mr. Richard E. Blubaugh, Vice President
Environmental, Health & Safety
Powertech (USA), Inc.
5575 DTC Parkway, Suite 140
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Re: Underground Injection Control Permit Application, Dewey-Burdock Project, Fall River and Custer Counties, South Dakota

Dear Mr. Blubaugh:


The department reviewed Powertech (USA), Inc.'s revised application for a South Dakota Class III Underground Injection Control Permit (UIC), received February 5, 2010 for completeness, and in accordance with ARSD 74:55:01:03 has determined the application is incomplete. In general, the application lacks sufficient detail to address fundamental questions related to whether Powertech can conduct the project in a controlled manner to protect ground water resources. In addition, it appears Powertech has not adequately responded to the department's August 6, 2009 comments or developed the application in a manner consistent with requirements outlined in ARSD 74:55:01. The department will not consider the application complete until Powertech satisfactorily address all of the completeness issues identified within the enclosure.

The technical comments enclosed are preliminary and are based on issues noted during the completeness review. They do not represent a completed technical review, however, Powertech must adequately address all identified technical comments (including those identified in the department's August 6, 2009 letter) or the department will be unable to recommend a permit. The department will finalize its detailed technical review after Powetech has adequately addressed the noted completeness deficiencies. If you have any questions concerning this letter, please feel free to contact me at 605.773.3296 or at Brian.Walsh@state.sd.us.


Brian J. Walsh, Hydrology Specialist
Ground Water Quality Program