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From: Pete Webb [mailto:pwebb@pwpr.com]
Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2007 11:55 AM
To: 'Jim Woodward'
Cc: 'Kristy Bassuener'; rblubaugh@powertechuranium.com
Subject: RE: Powertech Exposed Web Site


Thank you for clarifying your position on fairness and accuracy.  We know

now not to expect that you'll ever provide any sort of balanced or accurate

information on your website.  It may be that I'm wasting my time here in

presenting clearer information.


You shouldn't be at all confused by my objections to the photo of the

open-pit mine on your site.  It is a gross misrepresentation of the facts,

totally inaccurate, and bears no resemblance to the proposed uranium

recovery of the mineral rights Powertech holds in Weld county.


Powertech has been very clear that it is focused on the ISR (in-site

recovery) process for its properties, and ISR is very much a factor on the

southern portion of the 5,760 acre site as well.  At least half of the

southern range has the potential for ISR operations.


Until final exploration and minerals development scoping is complete,

Powertech will not be able to accurately define the total scale of the

recovery operation.  To insist on photographs of an operation that doesn't

currently exist is ludicrous - just as ludicrous as to believe that a

half-mile deep ore pit is going to be placed in your community.


Peter Webb


Webb PR-Denver

Agency of Record for Powertech Uranium